Speech by Dr David K.M. Chew

Executive Chairman, Stratech Systems Limited

at the Stratech & SITA Signing Ceremony 8 July 2008


Distinguished guests and representatives of SITA

Members of the media


Ladies and gentlemen

1. Good afternoon. It gives me great pleasure to announce today that we are appointing SITA, the world's leading air transport communications and IT solutions provider, as our global value-added reseller for the iFerret™ airfield/runway surveillance system globally.

2. iFerretTM is the world’s first intelligent Vision-based airfield and runway surveillance system, capable of real-time, automated foreign object and debris (FOD) detection. It will benefit air traffic controllers and airport operators, by allowing them to set unprecedented standards in airfield operational efficiency and runway safety.

3. In February this year, Stratech secured the first contract to deploy iFerretTM at both runways at Changi Airport. The fact that one of the world’s best airports has such confidence in iFerretTM underscores its ability to improve airfield and runway safety.

4. iFerretTM has undergone two rounds of thorough evaluation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We are currently working with the FAA to pilot iFerret™ at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. There are over 3800 International Air Transport Association-listed (IATA) commercial airports in the world today. These are the places where iFerretTM can potentially be rolled out. And we realise that reaching out to these potential customers will require massive effort and strategic planning on our part.

5. To this end, we are proud to announce that SITA, the world’s leading air transport communications and IT solutions provider, will be Stratech’s global value-added reseller for iFerretTM.

6. Presently, SITA operates in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. It has a strong existing customer base and relations with 90 per cent of the world’s commercial airports.

7. This partnership is significant for both parties as Stratech will leverage on SITA’s sales and marketing prowess to sell, roll out and support its award-winning and innovative iFerret™ globally. SITA, on the other hand, will have a breakthrough runway surveillance system to bundle with its other solutions for early deployment at the commercial airports. Both parties are looking at the potentially huge market of over 3,800 International Air Transport Association-listed (IATA) airports. This does not include the military airbases and aircraft carriers around the world which will benefit from the iFerret™ system tremendously.

8. As SITA adds iFerretTM to their impressive portfolio of air transport communications and IT solutions for its members and customers, Stratech will likewise provide SITA with the appropriate sales and technical training to realise iFerretTM business opportunities worldwide.

9. Over the years, Stratech has grown to become a recognised leader in innovation, both locally and overseas. iFerretTM is just one example of our expertise in providing intelligent Vision-based technologies. At the same time, this alliance with SITA shows that Stratech has the ability to adopt optimal strategies to achieve our goals.

10. To further capitalise on the global opportunities offered by this alliance, Stratech has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, called Stratech Aerospace, focused on tapping new markets in airfield and runway surveillance solutions based on iFerretTM.

11. Both the SITA alliance and the formation of Stratech Aerospace are in line with our “powered by Stratech” strategy, which involves alliances, joint ventures with strategic partners and spins-outs.

12. We are honoured indeed to be in partnership with an industry leader of such calibre. I am confident that with SITA, we will see more airfields and airport runways worldwide being “powered by Stratech”.

13. Thank you.

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