Technology Giant Hitachi and Singapore's Advanced Technology Developer Stratech Systems Collaborate on Hitachi's Finger Vein Pattern Recognition and Stratech's intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (iVACS™™) technologies

SINGAPORE, October 10, 2003 -Hitachi and Stratech are collaborating on their Finger Vein Pattern Identification and intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (iVACS™) technologies to provide customers with a more secure and user-friendly security solution

iVACS™, a patent-pending technology developed by Mainboard-listed, advanced IT systems and technology developer Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech"), is the first access control security system of its kind available in Singapore and in the world. iVACS™ performs automatic licence plate recognition, vehicle undercarriage scanning and driver verification in an integrated manner.

iVACS™ is the next generation vehicle access control system designed to simplify and speed up the inspection and clearance of vehicles entering and/or leaving secured facilities, sensitive areas, as well as those crossing border checkpoints. It is built with intelligent capabilities to capture composite images of the undercarriage and piece them together to form a complete, seamless image. Comparing the image with previously stored images iVACS™ is also able to intelligently detect any discrepancies in the images and alert appropriate security officers. In addition, the system can also automatically identify foreign objects hidden under the vehicle and portions of the vehicle undercarriage that may have been tampered with.

The Finger Vein attesting technology developed and patented by Hitachi employs the near-infrared LED passes through the finger. Haemoglobin in the blood has a relatively high absorbency of rays in the near-infrared wavelengths, hence enabling the finger vein pattern to be captured by the CCD camera in the unit.

Compared with other biometric identification technologies, the Finger Vein technology has several advantages, namely high acceptability, easy and hygienic attesting, live body data only, security of data, tamper-proof, reliable and precision of certification. Furthermore, it has no effect on user's health, and there is no need for users to carry any physical identification device like a smart card.

Stratech Systems Limited and Hitachi Asia Ltd are collaborating to integrate the Finger Vein Pattern Recognition technology as an important component of the iVACS™' overall driver verification process, resulting in an extremely user-friendly security system.

As widespread focus on and concern for homeland security continues to grow unabated, the demand for innovative, efficient, and cost-effective security and access control systems to protect government and commercial facilities will continue to increase rapidly. iVACS™, integrated with Finger Vein biometric identification, is thus well placed to meet this growing demand.

This is the first collaboration between Hitachi and Stratech, which will lead to potentially more collaborations between the two organizations in the areas of technologies.

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