SINGAPORE, February 17, 2003 – Present security controls for vehicle access to high profile institutions no longer need to be slow and tedious. This is because a new generation security system is now developed to enable automatic and intelligent vehicle access control. Called the intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (“iVACS™”), this system can perform licence plate recognition, vehicle undercarriage scanning and driver verification in one integrated sequence.

iVACS™ is launched today by Mainboard-listed, advanced IT systems and technology developer Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”). iVACS™ is a next generation vehicle access control system and it is the first security system of its kind to be available in Singapore and the Asia region.

iVACS™ is designed to simplify and speed up the inspection and clearance of vehicles. It is built with intelligent capabilities to capture composite images of the undercarriage and piece them together to form a complete, seamless image. Comparing the image with one stored previously, iVACS™ is also able to intelligently detect any discrepancies in the images and send an alert to the security officer. The system can also automatically identify foreign objects hidden under the vehicle and portions of the undercarriage which have been tampered with.

Based on Stratech’s in-depth Computer Vision expertise, hard to detect objects under vehicles are revealed instantly on the screen. iVACS™ yields high-resolution images which can be zoomed in for a closer look. iVACS™ enables the security personnel to perform inspections with greater efficiency and more effectively.
iVACS™ can be easily installed at the entrances of various high profile institutions such as government buildings, embassies, military installations, commercial buildings, private clubs, oil refineries, border check points, power plants and airports/ports. The portable configuration can be used at major events that require high security.

Said Stratech’s Executive Chairman, Dr. David K. M. Chew, “iVACS™ is our latest product offering in the area of intelligent security systems. As widespread focus on homeland security continues to grow, the demand for efficient security and control systems to protect government and private facilities will increase rapidly. iVACS™, with its comprehensive features and unique intelligent capabilities, is well placed to meet this demand.”

Stratech has received a first order for iVACS™ last month to be deployed for homeland security in Singapore. A patent for the product has also been filed.

About Stratech Systems Limited

Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”) is a fast growing advanced technology and e-Business developer. We deliver mega real-time mission critical systems in the areas of Computer Vision, intelligent Transport Systems and e-Government. Stratech brings together world-class expertise, software and resources to help its clients meet operational challenges and New Economy opportunities.

Formed in 1989, we have since established an impressive track record serving industries such as Transportation, Healthcare, Government, Defence, and Financial Services. Over the years, we are recognised as a technology expert and innovator, as we continuously develop and implement solutions that achieve significant business transformation and competitive advantage for its clients.

Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange, Stratech is headquartered in Singapore and also operates in Greater China (Hong Kong and China) and Australasia.

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