Stratech Systems secures Singapore patent for its Computer Vision-based SmartPark Intelligent Car Park System, which has been in operation campus-wide at NUS since June 2001

Mainboard listed, advanced IT systems and technology developer, Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech"), has been granted a Singapore patent for SmartPark™ – a ticketless and cashless computer vision-based intelligent car park system and method of automatically controlling vehicle entry to and exit from a car park. SmartPark™ was first developed in 1998 and its patent grant covers a period of 20 years from 1998. Stratech already holds a similar patent for SmartPark™ in Hong Kong which was granted in 1999 for a period of 8 years. Patent applications in other countries are pending.

The successful award of the patents for Stratech’s Super BullsEye™ weapons scoring system announced earlier this year and SmartPark™ intelligent car park system, strongly endorses Stratech’s proven technological capabilities in its 3D (three-dimension) computer vision and intelligent transport systems core competencies.

Stratech has also successfully built and rolled-out its SmartPark™ system for the National University of Singapore ("NUS") at twenty-two ("22") indoor and outdoor car parks throughout the campus, on June 1, 2001. The revolutionary and cost-effective SmartPark™ technology is now the largest known Wide Area Network ("WAN") operated, ticketless and cashless car park management system installed. As SmartParkTM enables the central monitoring and control of car park access and operation of all the car parks, it helps NUS to optimize land use through moderating demand for car parks and manage vehicle usage and traffic flow on campus.

SmartPark™ has the unique ability to automatically control and monitor the entry and exit of vehicles at a car park and calculate parking charges down to the nearest minutes and seconds through the use of advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and vehicle licence plate recognition ("LPR") technologies. SmartPark™ also employs IT, Internet and smartcard technologies to enable efficient operation and management of carparks, including ticketless and cashless payment collection and processing. As SmartPark™ eliminates unnecessary waiting time at both the entry and exit of car parks, it has made parking more convenient and hassle-free for all the staff and students of NUS especially for those who apply for season parking online.

By harnessing Stratech's SmartPark™ proprietary WAN remote management technology, operating profits will also be improved through greater operational efficiency and reduced manpower costs for car park owners. The central remote monitoring facility at NUS has the ability to electronically grant or prohibit access of specific vehicles such as those that have paid for season parking, into any or all of the designated pay car parks at the shortest turnaround time possible. Only registered or recognised business vehicles, such as delivery, maintenance and courier vehicles as well as taxis and buses may enter all or specific car parks without charge.

Besides cost savings for car park owners or operators, SmartPark™ also provides NUS with the flexibility and means to implement innovative approaches to meeting car parking needs.  For SmartPark™ users at NUS, there is a 10 minute grace period given for picking up and dropping off passengers at all car parks, without the need for a cash card. All NUS staff and students and external organisers of special functions, seminars or meetings can also reserve parking lots temporarily via the NUS Intranet and provide free parking for their guests. For more information about Stratech’s Internet-enabled SmartPark™ system at NUS, please visit

Stratech is also currently in negotiations with other private and public institutions in its application of SmartPark™ intelligent car park management system, for vehicle assess control and monitoring purposes for both single and multiple car park usage.