Stratech extends its e-business capabilities overseas to P.T. National Panasonic Gobel

Mainboard listed, e-business enabler and intelligent Transport Systems ("iTS") developer, Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech"), today announced the award of an overseas contract to implement a major Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") solutions package for P.T. National Panasonic Gobel ("NPG"), one of the largest consumer electronic products supplier in Indonesia. The contract, worth in excess of S$ 2 million will significantly propel Stratech into the international commercial market. It is expected to commence in August 2001 for a period of 12 months.

This deal extends Stratech’s e-business capabilities overseas, and clearly establishes Stratech’s position as a key player in helping its clients transform their business. The combination of our core competencies in e-business and iTS uniquely positions Stratech to provide the next generation extended enterprise solution to our customers. The iTS link in this equation also enables us to create value for large organizations by being able to transform them from a third party logistics provider ("3PL") into the next generation fourth party logistics provider ("4PL"). While a 3PL provides its own internal capabilities to the clients, a 4PL (Trademark of Andersen Consulting LLP) will assemble, integrate and manage its internal resources, capabilities, and technologies with those of multiple and complementary service providers so as to deliver a total e-logistics supply chain management solution globally.

The award of this contract is possible because of Stratech's combined competencies in e-business and iTS to e-enable mega corporations like NPG. This award also marks Stratech's continued diversification into the commercial sector.