Stratech Systems secures patent for state-of-the-art Super BullsEye™Weapons Scoring System

Mainboard listed, IT systems and technology developer, Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech"), has been granted a local and overseas patent for Super BullsEye – a state-of-the-art fully automatic 3-D (three-dimension) computer vision-based weapons scoring system. Super BullsEye™ was first developed in 1996 and its patent grant covers a period of 20 years.

Super BullsEye™ supports realistic weapons training and defence exercises where the scoring process, record of firings and management of results are fully automated. Super BullsEye™ is capable of automatically detecting and scoring to high precision, all known visible weapons and ammunition over land and on water – including live or inert ammunition that do not explode, flash or smoke – both during the day and at night. Applicable to the scoring of air-to-ground weapons, naval gunnery and artillery, this is a quantum leap over current practices and technologies whereby many armed forces still rely on human spotters to estimate where the rounds have landed.

Stratech’s revolutionary, cost-effective and portable Super BullsEye™ weapons scoring system will enable it to build up shorter term contracts at reasonable profit margins. Super BullsEye™ has been sold to local and major overseas defence forces. The system is currently undergoing evaluation with a view to purchase by several military forces. Several leading defence contractors have also included Super BullsEye™ as part of their service offerings to potential military buyers.

An enhanced version, Super BullsEye II, with better detection capabilities, was officially launched at Asian Aerospace 2000 in February 2000.