Stratech Systems and UK Consultancy to draw up White Paper for a World Class Transportation System in Shanghai

Mainboard listed, IT systems and technology developer, Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech"), today announced that together with UK-based consultancy Colin Buchanan and Partners ("CBP"), it has been commissioned by the Shanghai Municipal Government to develop a White Paper for a world class transportation system for the city of Shanghai - one of China’s major business hubs. The total value of the contract is worth at least S$1.6 million.

Shanghai, with a continually growing population in excess of 16 million, is one of the largest cities in the world and China’s most important centre of economic development. At present, the government’s transport plans include seeking improvements by further investing in new metro lines, further expansion of the highway network, developing public transport and improving co-ordination between transportation modes.

Founded in 1964 as an independent consultancy in London, CBP offers an experienced approach based on rigorous scientific analysis, and a visionary approach based on local aspirations and priorities. With a multi-disciplinary team comprising transport planners, land use planners, urban geographers and urban designers, CBP is well positioned to leverage on these specialists in providing strategic consulting services to the Shanghai Municipal Government. Together with CBP, Stratech will develop the blueprint of the world class technological backbone to support the overall strategy for Shanghai’s transportation system, and an outline of the policies which will form that strategy.

The White Paper will draw on Stratech’s expertise and professional knowledge in intelligent Transport Systems ("iTS"), a wide range of technologies and IT applications that are designed to maximise the efficiency of road network infrastructure, large vehicular fleets and public transportation systems. Recently, Stratech was awarded a S$40.3 million tender by the Land Transport Authority in Singapore to develop, a nation-wide Bus Travel Information System that processes real-time bus location and travel time data to help commuters, traffic regulators and bus operators make accurate prediction of public bus arrival times and automatically track real-time bus locations. Winning the project will boost Stratech’s efforts towards bringing its iTS solutions to other traffic-heavy and densely populated cities in the region. With its technological competitive edge in iTS and specialised team of engineers, Stratech is a value-add participant in Shanghai’s plan to develop and implement a world-class transportation system.

Said Dr David Chew, Chairman and Chief Executive of Stratech, "This is indeed a significant milestone for us as it marks a recognition of the level of strategic consulting and technological competence which we are able to offer to the Shanghai Municipal Government. Although the value of the contract is small, it is a beach-head for our proprietary iTS technologies, which are scalable and can be used in a wide range of applications. Together with CBP, we will develop the transport strategy to meet the needs of China’s fastest growing financial and business centre."

Stratech’s involvement in the White Paper will strengthen its business ties and working relationship with the Shanghai Municipal Government, which is likely to further commission Stratech to develop iTS technologies for the city. Going forward, Stratech is in the process of setting up an office in Shanghai to cater to growing demand for iTS technologies as the Government works to revamp the city’s transportation system.