Stratech’s iVACS® Wins Again in the Middle East
Singapore, 8 March 2013 – Singapore Exchange Mainboard listed Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech") is pleased to announce that its intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (iVACS®) has been called for and specified in a project in the Middle East which involves several hundred buildings meant for administration, security and civil defence. Stratech has entered into a partnership with the Group that has been awarded the project, and will provide at least 28 units of iVACS®.

iVACS® screens vehicle undercarriages for potential security threats like explosives. Stratech invented the original automated under vehicle surveillance system, which is capable of intelligent inspection of vehicle undercarriages, and provides alerts when suspicious foreign objects or modifications are detected. iVACS® also performs identification screening for the driver and passengers in the vehicle using biometrics. These provide a comprehensive solution at screening checkpoints that cover all security requirements.

The system also comes with the option for expansion to include the capability to automatically scan vehicle trunks for hazardous materials (HAZMAT) without even needing to open the trunk. This enables iVACS® to perform more thorough inspection of vehicles, and also allows security officers to conduct vehicle inspections from a distance, safeguarding their safety in the event the vehicles are laden with dangerous materials.

Dr. David K.M. Chew, Executive Chairman of the Stratech Group, commented, “The world today is grappling with global terrorism and other security threats. Against this backdrop, iVACS® has continually proven itself to be among the best vehicle access control solutions. In fact, the system has been deployed in highly-secure installations spanning all six continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.”

iVACS® protects critical infrastructure globally and have been deployed, among others, with the Interpol Headquarters in Europe; the Police Force in a major Asia Pacific country; the United Nations; two US Government Agencies’ Headquarters in Washington, DC; a US Government Agency overseas facility; a US Government Agency secure facility in Detroit; and a US Government Agency secure facility in Kansas City.

“This win also shows that our efforts to build a network of strong distribution partners globally are beginning to yield results. This coincides with the worldwide trend of increasing take up rates for such systems. Previous orders for iVACS® used to involve just a handful of units each, but nowadays, relatively large orders such as this are becoming more common. We hope to build on this success and aim for even more achievements with all our partners. In fact, Stratech is at this moment vying for several other similarly-sized contracts, in the Middle East and other parts of the world”, Dr. Chew added.

Subject to the final results, the Company believes that this will contribute positively to the Group’s revenue over the next two financial years. None of the directors or controlling shareholders of the Company has any interest, direct or indirect, in the abovementioned matter.

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