Stratech Partners Bayanat in the UAE

Singapore, 15 October 2012 - Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Stratech Systems Limited has entered into a partnership with Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies Co LLC ("Bayanat") for its iFerret™ intelligent Airfield/Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bayanat will market, sell and deploy iFerret™ in the UAE market.

Bayanat is a leading airport systems integrator in the region, specialising in air traffic management (ATM) systems, Airside and terminal systems. It was established in 1983 in the UAE. As a leading Aviation Engineering company in the Arabian Gulf region, Bayanat has been helping its customers with the design, implementation, support and maintenance of various complex airport projects.

FOD refers to articles or wildlife found on runways, taxiways or aprons that could potentially damage aircraft or cause injuries. An example is the fatal Air France Concorde jet crash in 2000, involving FOD, when 113 lives were lost. FOD also reportedly incurs an estimated US$4 billion in repair and maintenance costs annually, and up to US$13 billion per year including associated costs such as flight delays and cancellations, lost productivity and revenues, potential liabilities, and damaged reputation.

Approved by the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), iFerret™ is the world's first intelligent Vision-based FOD detection system, providing real-time, automated FOD detection, location, classification and recording. It can be deployed in civil airports as well as military airbases, to help prevent potential aircraft damage and fatalities caused by FOD. The airports iFerret™ has been deployed include Changi International Airport in Singapore, Chicago O'Hare International Airport in the US and Düsseldorf International Airport in Germany.

On the collaboration, Stratech Executive Chairman, Dr. David K.M. Chew, said, "We are very excited to work in UAE with Bayanat, which has almost three decades of experience in the airport industry. With their extensive network and portfolio in the region, there could be future opportunities to extend the partnership to the other parts of the rapidly-developing Middle East market too."

"We are happy to be in partnership with Stratech. We strongly believe that by deploying iFerret™ in the Region, Bayanat together with Stratech will ensure increased safety for the passengers using the UAE hubs and higher operational efficiency for airports adopting this Technology", added Mr. Alan Bourjeily, General Manager of Bayanat Airports Engineering and Supplies.

"There are more than 280 commercial airports and military airbases in the Middle East. The aviation industry here is growing rapidly, supported by strong economic growth. There is great potential in this region for automated FOD detection systems, airside surveillance and network intelligence systems - command and control for clusters of airports and airbases", Dr. Chew added.

Dr. David Chew (left) with Mr. Alan Bourjeily
Dr. David Chew (left) with Mr. Alan Bourjeily

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