Stratech Scores Repeat Order for Super BullsEye® II Advanced Weapons Scoring System

Singapore , 6 October 2008 – Mainboard-listed Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”) today announced that it has clinched a repeat order for its Super BullsEye® II Advanced Weapons Scoring System.

The previous contract was announced in April 2008.

Valued at $3.6 million, this contract entails the design, development, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an integrated bomb and gunnery scoring system for a second air weapons range.

The Super BullsEye® II Advanced Weapons Scoring System is powered by Stratech’s proprietary Intelligent Vision technologies. It is an automated system capable of accurately scoring weapons impact day and night for air, sea and land forces and weapons development agencies. Its distinctive advantages include the ability to score over land and on water, its scoring accuracy, fast impact point measurement, as well as comprehensive scoring analysis. It is also capable of integration with electronic warfare training systems (EWTS) and air combat maneuvering instrumentation (ACMI) systems for scoring air-to-ground weapons delivery.

This project is scheduled to be completed in about six months, and is expected to have a positive impact on Stratech’s financials in the current financial year.

About Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”)

Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”) was listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in 2000. It is principally engaged in the design, development, integration, implementation, maintenance and project management of information technology and advanced technology systems. The Group delivers large-scale complex, real-time, mission-critical systems in the areas of intelligent Vision, intelligent Transport Systems and e-Systems for governments and businesses.

Super BullsEye® II is a state-of–the art weapons scoring system that fully automates the recording and management of firing results in weapons training and defence exercises. Using advanced intelligent Vision technologies, Super BullsEye® II is able to detect and score with high precision all visible weapons impact to an accuracy range of better than one metre. Be it single or multiple hits, over land or water, Super BullsEye® II provides fast and accurate scoring feedback to improve the firing skills of gunners and pilots.

Founded in 1989, the Group has established an impressive track record serving industries such as aerospace and defence, financial services, government, healthcare, homeland security and transportation (air, sea and land). The Group develops and implements advanced technology solutions that achieve significant business transformation and competitive advantage for its clients.

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