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VIPS Applications

VIPS® is one of Stratech’s core engines which powers state-of-the-art maritime port security and surveillance systems:

  • Automatic Vessel Detection, Identification, and Classification
    • An enhanced Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) with vision capabilities for ports, harbours and other maritime vessel facilities
    • Provides enhanced situational awareness, clear visuals of events of interest, and additional line of detection/monitoring capabilities (especially in areas of radar blind spots)

  • Vessel Height Surveillance System (VHSSTM)
    • Automated solution which integrates Radar, AIS and vision-based height measurement
    • Enables the continuous measurement and automatic computation of vessel height

  • Coastal/Waterway Surveillance
    • Delivers automatic intruder detection, classification and tracking of vessels for coastal surveillance
    • Complements maritime radar system with the element of sight

  • VIPS® Anti-Piracy
    • A long-range vision detection system mounted onboard the vessel
    • Detects and tracks small vessels that may pose a collision or pirate threat, providing crucial response time for the ship’s crew to take necessary action
    • Can be integrated with GPS transponder, radar, AIS and other navigational sensors

  • Ship (Perimeter) Security and Surveillance
    • By installing electro-optic sensors at strategic points (ship’s bow, control tower, observation deck), the system serves as a fully integrated ship security surveillance system that constantly monitors the pre-defined ship perimeters, and provides early warning and intelligent visual identification of approaching targets

  • Ship Collision Avoidance
    • Vessel proximity detection to prevent a possible collision accident
    • Automatically sends out an alert when vessels are heading in crossed paths

  • Offshore Asset Protection
    • Automatically detects and identifies suspicious activities over water and alerts strategic asset owners of impending sea borne attacks or incursions with visual data
    • All approaching vessels are tagged for identification and VIPS® integrates seamlessly with existing AIS and radar systems to provide centralised alarm management
    • For enhanced security, vessels can be equipped with secure Long Range Vessel Tracking Transponder Devices

  • Hydro-Electric Dam Security and Surveillance
    • Effective security measure catered for hydro-electric dams in terms of perimeter surveillance at the reservoir and dam structure
    • Tracks and records even the smallest vessels such as a rubber boat near the dam

For more information, download VIPS® brochure.

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