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intelligent Video Surveillance & Analysis System

Most conventional surveillance equipment, such as CCTV cameras and digital video recorders, can only conduct general surveillance such as capturing and recording events. In most circumstances, human monitoring is required to interpret the recorded events.

A radical approach to real-time video security surveillance, SuperTrack® is an intelligent video surveillance and analysis system that enables real-time, automated monitoring without the need for ineffective, prolonged human attention and interaction. Based on Stratech’s intelligent Vision algorithms, the system provides fully automatic object and/or behavioral abnormalities detection, tracking, identification, classification, and even prediction.

SuperTrack® integrates seamlessly with various types of camera (wired analogue camera, IP camera, wireless IP camera), and is designed to alert security personnel on events that require immediate attention. Centrally managed, SuperTrack® is able to meet the operational and security needs of organisations that require an integrated and proactive means of protection. The solution is targeted at both small and large organisations as well as security-sensitive locations such as critical infrastructures, high-profile buildings, strategic assets, public transportations and crowded areas.


  • Object Detection, Classification & Tracking
    • Detects objects/vehicles/humans of various types, sizes and movement patterns
    • Intelligent object classification
    • Multiple object tracking
  • Real-time Crowd Detection (People Counting)
    • Crowd detection by people counting
    • Automatic alert of a group of people gathered in a specified area which exceeds the pre-defined threshold
  • Intrusion Detection
    • Employs advanced object detection, classification and tracking technology to detect unauthorised access into the restricted zone or facility
  • Static Object Removal
    • Automatically sends an alarm when objects are being removed from Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Unattended Object Detection
    • Detects object that is left unattended in a crowded location
  • Intelligent Alarm and Event Management
    • User-configurable ROI, alarm zones and trip wires
    • Ease of configuring and maintaining alarm trigger rules
  • Networked System Solution
    • Distributed system architecture supports video security surveillance over multiple sites
    • Disseminates real-time video streaming and intelligence information via LAN, wireless LAN and WAN
    • Scalable to support multi-site wide area deployment

For more information, download SuperTrack® brochure.