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intelligent Vision (iV) Products:

iFerret™intelligent Vision-based Airfield/Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System

iFerret™ Hydra – The Future of Airfield Safety and Security

iFerret™ Mobile – The Future of Airfield Safety and Security

iFerret™ BDA – The Future of Airfield Battle Damage Assessment

intelligent Vehicle Access Control System (iVACS®)– Total Vehicle/Personnel Surveillance and Access Control System

Super BullsEye® II – Advanced Weapons Scoring System for air, sea and land forces and weapons development agencies.

Vessel Identification and Positioning System (VIPS®)intelligent Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance System for vessel traffic management and waterside strategic asset protection

Vessel Height Surveillance System (VHSS™) – a unique capability of VIPS which offer continuous measurement and automatic computation of vessel height

Super EOS™ – Stratech Super Electro-Optic Sensor System

SuperTrack®intelligent Video Surveillance and Analysis System.