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Real-Time Public Transport Information System

Providing real-time travel information has become an indispensable part of modern living today. Real-time travel information facilitates effective decision-making and allows pre-trip and on-trip planning.

Stratech's SmarTranz™ uses real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive and process real-time bus/train locations and travel time data for accurate predictions of their arrival times. The location information, geo-coded and mapped onto a Geographical Information System (GIS), is sent at frequent intervals via a wireless communication network to the system’s central communications server. The PREDICT engine developed by Stratech is capable of predicting real-time travel time up to ± 2 minutes accuracy, 95% of the time, in a densely populated city.


  • Precision service vehicle locating
    Advanced precision onboard unit uses GPS technology and map-matching technique to poll the real-time locations, and sends the information to the control centre at regular pre-defined intervals to locate, identify and track all service vehicles in the network
  • Multiple wireless communication network support
    Data transmissions between the onboard unit and backend system via a variety of communication networks such as GSM, GPRS, 3G and TETRA
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven arrival time prediction
    The core of SmarTranz™ application is the PREDICT Engine, which uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence methodologies such as neural network and fuzzy logic to provide accurate prediction of arrival times
  • On-site service information dissemination
    Service information via electronic information displays deployed at bus stops, train stations and interchanges
  • Service-oriented travel information system
    Transport service information is made available on the Internet.
    Commuters may also subscribe to customised inquiry service to receive specific information update via mobile phone or PDA
  • Integration with associated systems
    Integrates seamlessly with the service providers’ fleet dispatch/scheduling and management system, real-time arrival information system, as well as electronic fare collection system

For more information, download SmartTranz™ brochure.