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intelligent Fleet Management System

Stratech SmartFleet™ is an intelligent Fleet Management System that incorporates real-time, online Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), vehicle/job order dispatch, vehicle/cargo security features, and various reporting features for fleet schedule planning and operation. SmartFleet™ allows operational tasks to be conducted in an interoperable web-based interface environment, and is designed to help users meet the critical demands of managing their fleet cost-effectively.


  • High vehicle location accuracy with GPS and sensor fusion (for urban canyon, in-tunnels, etc.)

  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
    • Enables a clear visual representation of real-time traffic activity down to street-level network
  • Real-time, interactive and graphical tracking
    • Based on vehicle parameters such as vehicle types, routes and zones/territories
  • Fleet planning/scheduling
    • Covers key information such as driver and service details, as well as road network data

  • Fleet information system
    • Updates stakeholders on service timetable, predicted time of arrival, in-vehicle information, ad-hoc messages, and charges where applicable

  • Modular, flexible, scalable architecture with data encryption using secure access module

  • Safe driving monitoring (speeding, harsh decelerations, etc.)

  • Remote alert facility
    • For emergency response of undesirable or exceptional events/incidents (e.g. schedule non-adherence, severe traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown and accidents)

For more information, download SmartFleet™ brochure.