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A Pervasive Solution Intelligent Parking Management and Secure Vehicle / Driver Access Control

Parkvasive™ is a unique product that identifies and tracks vehicles in a car park from their time of entry to their exit. From the point of entry of a vehicle, the system performs real-time vehicle access control, and enables ticket-less, token-less and cashless parking payment.

Parkvasive™ encompasses a dynamic parking guidance and information system that not only provides the occupancy status of the car park, but also directs the drivers to the empty lots and even displays the location of a parked vehicle when an enquiry is made at the automated Parkvasive™ kiosk. The system utilises a network of cameras that are able to perform event monitoring for security purposes.

Parkvasive™ is engineered for robustness and rapid deployment based on modular commercially proven components. Network-enabled camera systems are strategically located and connected to the back office computer system via standard wired or wireless network infrastructure. With the integrated deployment toolset, it is literally scalable and easy to calibrate, configure and maintain. It complements most car park access control systems, and is sufficiently flexible to install at car parks of various sizes and configurations.


  • Secure and intelligent vehicle/driver access control
  • Ticket-less/token-less/cashless parking
  • Intelligent and fully-automated parking locator
  • Intelligent 24x7x365 video security and surveillance


  • Commercial buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Military installations
  • Airport and train stations
  • Shopping malls and convention centres
  • Hotels and private clubs
  • Condominiums and apartments
For more information, download Parkvasive brochure.