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intelligent Border Crossing System (iBCS™)

Stratech intelligent Border Crossing System (iBCS™) is the next-generation high security border crossing system for immigration and customs authorities. The system utilises advanced vision technology, biometrics and smartcard technology to provide efficient vehicle and passenger checks and verification in the clearance process.

iBCS™ is highly flexible with options for additional cameras or passenger clearance gates. It requires minimal intervention whereby real-time information is fed to a centralised control via CCTV cameras, digital video recorders and video storage disks combined with technologically advanced software systems at each control point.


  • Fully Automated Passenger Clearance System

    • Advance biometrics system utilises a finger vein scanner which provides live body data
    • Performs passenger clearance
    • Modular design for rapid expansion
    • Flexible design – symmetric components (e.g. LCD touch screen, sign post, smartcard reader and overhead message display) to cater for disabled people

  • Fully Automated Vehicle Clearance System

    • Allows free-flow clearance of vehicles of any type by using an array of beam type photoelectric switches at the entrance of the vehicle lane
    • Modular design which allows checking stations to be detached/installed with minimum service time
    • Performs clearance of drivers and passengers within 10 seconds
    • Safe design using multi-sensing system such as safety bumper and ultra-sonic safety sensors
    • Ability to pre-fetch driver information based on Automatic Vehicle Recognition System
    • Built-in anti-tampering system
    • Weather-proof design