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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Stratech's ETC and ERP systems utilise digital video imaging technologies to detect the types of vehicle accessing the toll locations. The systems enable the charging of tolls via Vehicle Entry Permit System (VEPS).

VEPS provides:

  • A system for distance-based tolling, allowing much greater flexibility in defining or changing payment systems by simply redefining the "virtual" toll areas
  • A mechanism for gantry-less, distance-based electronic road pricing
  • A platform for inclusion of mobility services such as telematics and location-based information
  • A database to store critical information of vehicles' toll transactions including location, time, date, classification of vehicle, chargeable toll etc
  • A tool for traffic information collection for traffic surveillance, traffic planning and analysis


  • Automatic determination of vehicle classes
  • Automatic computation of charges specified by distance, zone or point
  • Toll paying without stopping or slowing down
  • Toll collection through electronic payment modes (credit cards, prepaid cards, tags etc)
  • Video enforcement
  • Internet/Intranet architecture for multi-user remote access
  • Flexible road-specific and distance-based toll collection