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Online COE Open Bidding System

System: Online Bidding for Vehicle Ownership Licences (OCOE)

Customer: Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA)


In 1999, Stratech successfully developed Singapore’s online bidding system for Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which is a pre-requisite to owning vehicles.

The OCOE System is a real-time, interactive online bidding system that allows people to bid for vehicle licences via ATMs, Internet, Intranet and telephone as well as access real-time information during the bidding process.

The system includes secure payment facilities and interfaces directly with the banks' systems. Built for very high performance, availability and reliability, the system is designed to handle a transaction volume of at least 50,000 bids per bidding exercise and a peak transaction volume of 20,000 bids per five minutes.

In January 2007, Stratech was awarded a contract by LTA of up to $30.64 million to upgrade the OCOE System and to operate and maintain the System for 5 years. The OCOE II System was commissioned in July 2009.