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Medical Claims Proration System

System: Medical Claims Proration System (MCPS)

Customer: Singapore Civil Service


MCPS is a secure web-based medical benefits and claims processing/ proration system that helps Singapore Civil Service to centrally manage and process employee healthcare benefits.

MCPS serves a user base of more than 300,000 civil servants and their dependants; processes about 150,000 medical claims every month from the various restructured hospitals and polyclinics; and electronically manages an average medical bill in excess of S$144 million a year. The system also handles close to 100,000 user enquiries per month via Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), online (Internet/Intranet) and 24x7 helpdesk.

The system, which is integrated with healthcare providers, insurance companies and various government agencies, has significantly streamlined medical claims processes, ultimately enabling public service employees to enjoy medical benefits at clinics and hospitals.