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Competitive Advantage through Technology

Stratech is focussed on providing innovative, technology-intensive IT solutions capable of creating significant competitive advantage for clients. Our high value e-business applications are combined with a good understanding of our clients’ needs to transform their brick-and mortar businesses into effective, collaborative e-businesses with their partners and clients. These clients include both private corporations and government agencies.

One well-proven and well-tested solution is Stratech’s Dynamic Pricing & Secure Payment System, which powers the Land Transport Authority of Singapore’s Online Certificate of Entitlement (“OCOE”) Open Bidding System. The largest known dynamic pricing engine in the world, the system provides transparency and critical real-time information to millions of users to make informed bid decisions in an open but highly-secure environment. Other innovative e-Systems solutions include the Group’s SmartCare™, which powers the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore’s Medical Claims Proration System (“MCPS”); the Group’s SmartReports™ which powers the Singapore Parliamentary Reporting System (“SPRS”); and integrated web services for the Media Development Authority of Singapore that is powered by Web 2.0 technology.