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The Stratech Group Limited
("The Group") is a market leader in technology innovation, whose key breakthroughs include intelligent vision systems – highly sophisticated and adaptive technologies that provide precise image processing solutions for surveillance and security. Building on its long expertise in developing mission-critical e-systems for both government and business clients, it is now making swift inroads into the aerospace sector.

In particular, the iFerret™ airfield/runway surveillance system – which can detect, track and display foreign objects and debris (FOD) in real time – has gained international recognition since it was accredited by the US Federal Aviation Administration in 2012. This accreditation opens up vast opportunities in the global civil aviation market, especially with the heightened focus on airport safety and security. Customers of this include Singapore’s Changi International Airport, Dubai International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

The iFerret™ system was also recently selected by one of the world’s top Air Forces for its air base. The contract included iFerret™’s rapid airfield damage assessment system (RADAS), which can chart damage resulting from enemy attacks. Its passive sensor technology makes it far more suitable than conventional radar-based systems for air base deployment.

The Group’s technologies have powered solutions for clients in a multitude of industries, including aerospace, maritime, financial services, government, healthcare, homeland security, defence and transportation (air, land and sea). Its technologies have also been deployed across six continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.